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While the Stafford-Bush family have provided the initial funds, like other foundations before it, its capacity and longevity will be further enhanced and worthy candidates will benefit from your donations.

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Young Ocean Explorers


We’re incredibly grateful for the ongoing relationship we have with the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation.
A special thanks to the foundation for the fantastic new Red Epic camera very kindly purchased by you!
We’ve kept ourselves busy by:

  • Speaking to over 12000 people this year
  • Sent the book and DVD to every school in NZ and the Cook Islands – over 2560 schools
  • Been on a National Tour around NZ speaking at different schools
  • Spoke at TEDx Auckland and NYLD (National Young Leaders Day)
  • Filmed Series 2 and it screened on ‘What Now’ to over 100,000 kids  – including 3 episodes filmed at the Kermadecs, 3 in the Cook Islands and 3 at Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef.

Thanks again
Jo Hathaway
Young Ocean Explorers

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A Living Inheritance

Bobby was young but he was passionate about the sea, marine life, art, technology, inventing and making things. He also liked to help people.

He was a very capable young man who had his life ahead of him when he was so tragically killed in a car accident at 16 years of age in 2001. Some time has passed since Bobby died and the family have decided that the formation of a charitable trust would in a sense be a living document to Bobby and in essence be an extension of what if he had lived.

Accordingly, the Family decided to create a "living inheritance".

The Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation was formed in Auckland in 2013 and is a registered Charitable Trust donations for which, qualify for a tax rebate. It also has Donee Status.